Legitimate and illegitimate Anti-Piracy Enforcement

This site is set up to assist in determining legitimate copyright infirngement complaints from fraudulent complaints.

Fraudulent Notices

Artisan International
Rechtsanwalt Florian Giese

Legitimate Notices

US Copyright Group
Copyright Enforcement Group
DigitalRights / Rightscorp

Detail on Fraudulent Notices

Artisan International

A fraudulent group called Artisan International has been sending out notices demanding $3000 for downloading pornographic movies on BitTorrent.  The West Vancouver Police Department issued this warning regarding these fraudulent letters.

Rechtsanwalt Florian Giese

Emails have been sent from these email addresses: giese@ra-giese.info, giese@lawyer-giese.info, zahlung@rechtsanwalt-giese.info or zahlung@ra-giese.info and claim to represent copyright owners.  Here is an article explaining that these notices are fraudulent.

Detail on Legitimate Notices

US Copyright Group has contracts with legitimate copyright owners like Voltage Pictures, producers of The Hurt Locker.  Here is an example of a lawsuit filed against people distributing The Hurt Locker on BitTorrent “filesharing” networks.

Voltage Pictures Complaint